Meet the Founder

I’m Andre Sólo. I’ve been studying heroism since 2009, and in love with heroic myths much longer. In 2010, I moved away from studying only stories, and started to ask: is heroism real? Can we do great things, like the heroes of legend?

And, if so, how do you start?

These questions led me to a new way of understanding heroism. I don’t believe that “hero” is a title reserved only for the greatest, most famous individuals of a generation. I believe the heroic life is often lived in obscurity—but it lifts people up. It helps you do the most important work of your life.

Since then, a few things happened:

  • I helped found the Hero Construction Company, a nonprofit that teaches people to be heroes. I serve on the board as Vice President of Communication.
  • I was a featured speaker at the first Hero Round Table, an amazing international conference and video series. I went on to help organize and run the annual U.S. version of the Hero Round Table.
  • I authored heroism lesson plans that are now used with thousands of students.
  • I walked, bicycled, and paddled over 4,700 miles to explore what it means to go on a journey—and whether it helps create heroism.

That stuff sounds pretty fancy. The truth is, most days I just feel like a nerd and an introvert with too many big ideas.

Most importantly, I’ve had the honor of getting to meet a fascinating, thriving international community of heroism scholars. These brilliant minds are fueling a new branch of psychology and philosophy that tries to understand what makes regular people act like heroes—and how to reproduce it. I try to take their findings and turn them into practical ways to improve people’s lives.

Creating the heroic life is a collaborative effort. If you like, I invite you to consider submitting an article to the site. Or, join the community online at Facebook.